About CCAY College

Canadian College of Ayurveda & Yoga Inc. is the pioneer college in Canada that is offering a 2 Year Comprehensive Diploma in Ayurveda and Herbal Medicine (D.A.H.M) which included 2700 hours of In-class learning and training which will be covered within 2 years and 500 hours of Clinical Internship thereafter. CCAY is committed to academic offerings in Ayurveda and Yoga, the two Indian Systems of Medicine and Healing and Lifestyle Management Techniques which are being universally accepted as a better way to a healthy life. Our academic offerings are relevant to industry practices for better employment avenues hence placement services offered to our graduates adds a significant value to the students’ employability. We aim at offering our students with a heightened intellectual and cultural sensitivity through professional, ethical and technological expertise in their chosen profession.

Education Deliverance

Courses offered by CCAY shall be delivered and conducted at 7200 Goreway Drive, Mississauga, ON, which is also appropriately located in the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario) which opens the gateway to a lot of employment opportunities with Multinational Corporations and the ever growing economy of Toronto. CCAY is a preferred destination for students because of its close proximity with the International Airport and easy access through air, bus and rail.

Canadian College of Ayurveda & Yoga offers Canadian students an opportunity to train extensively in Ayurveda and Yoga and explore new areas of healing patients and open doors to ocean of eastern knowledge for better healthcare. Canadian College of Ayurveda and Yoga aims at transforming the lives of all those who enter the portals of CCAY by providing them with world class education and training for success and to touch lives of millions of people in need of safe, natural and sustainable healthcare.