Our Programs

Our 200 Hours Ayurveda Certificate Program for healthcare professionals in Canada, ensure that the graduating students have all the knowledge that the demanding and challenging career as a Registered Ayurvedic Practitioner demand in the Canadian market.

Professional Licensing

Graduating students of CCAY are required to register with the Canadian Council of Ayurveda and Yoga in order to become a Licensed Ayurveda Practitioner and full fledgedly practice ayurvedic medicine in Canada. Licensing will allow the graduates to get the malpractices insurance.

Clinical Internship

All the graduating students are required to complete a mandatory 500 hour clinical internship under a qualified and licensed ayurveda practitioner in Canada or abroad to ensure that they are able to meet clinical challenges and to serve the patients responsibly with maximum care.

Practicals & Lab

We ensure that the students are able to learn maximum about the clinical settings and get a on-hands experience about various aspects of medical practice and knowledge through our well-equiped labs where students undergo a well planned rigourous medical training.